Madison's Militia

 Welcome !                                                            8-3-2019

             Welcome to Madison's Militia and the Rapid Response Teams of NY. We are still PACT and always will be, but we have backed-off on trying to save the Town of New Lebanon,NY.  WHY? Well, because the longtime and life-long locals refused to heed the thousands of warnings and pleas we put into their hands for a decade. The damage is done, the NY City Liberals have won the battle for our home, our traditions, and our history. All because the locals failed to stand up and take action. 

              Back in 2009, our Town Board meetings rarely saw more than two or three people attend. Then the Koloski/Mittnight War began and it was time for me to start going to these meetings and paying attention. I haven't missed a single meeting since.  After witnessing the abuse of the people by Board Members and especially the succession of Zoning Enforcement Officers, I realized that SOMEONE had to object and spread the word about the corruption and deplorable behavior among our officials. 

                So I was asked to be the Citizens' Advocate for the abused residents, and I said, "Absolutely" ! In the months and years that followed, I became a familiar figure to the people of the town, the County, and the state of NY. I was loved by many and hated by many, but they all came to know me. I was called a lot of nasty names and received a slew of anonymous and evil emails. Yet I was able to make a LOT of things, a LOT better, until the locals became outnumbered by city transplants, and the locals that remained, surrendered to those bullies. They literally handed our town over and crawled into their safe spaces. The entire County of Columbia has done the same as transplants force themselves into public offices, form secret clubs and committees, and stick together like glue. 

                The lack of that type of loyalty and UNITY, is why the Right tends to lose most battles in Liberal States like NY. WE just do not have that ability to work as one unit, to have one another's backs, so to speak. When one or two of us need support in numbers, very few answer the "Call to Action". Most people are only concerned with issues that knock at THEIR personal, front door, and simply shake their heads or make Social Media comments about the plight of others. I have witnessed Liberals showing up in hordes to support an issue or person they know absolutely NOTHING about, just because it happens to be one of their own, or an issue that one of theirs cares about. 

                I worked for a couple of years on the Rapid Response Teams of NY idea and laying out the Steps to make it a simple and effective project for Conservatives. After all, how hard could it be to get at least 20 Patriots in every county to work together to restore sanity to our communities? Apparently, much harder than one would think.  I don't know all the reasons WHY Conservatives are so apathetic. One reason could be that so many of them truly believe that Trump is going to fix everything FOR them. He won't, and he CAN'T. In fact, he has caused more damage to our Second Amendment Rights than Obama did! 

                Recently, I have hammered a lot about the fact that EVERY mass shooter in recent history has been a Liberal. That's just a fact. So what happened today, 8-3-2019?  A mass-shooting in a Walmart that allegedly was perpetrated by a Trump Supporter and killed a dozen people.  Suddenly, the term, "Mass-Shooter" has been changed to, "Extremist", and the media interrupts Prime-Time TV to talk about the incident and introduce the new word. Do you for even ONE minute, think that Trump won't fold to pressure from the anti-gunners NOW? 

                 Trump is a MAN, not a GOD, and he has done very good things and very bad things, like men DO. He does not manage our country alone, nor SHOULD he. Checks and balances exist for very important reasons, still, sitting back and waiting for this one man to fix what millions of humans have created, is insanity. The ONLY thing that can bring America back to some semblance of sanity, is the courage, determination, knowledge, and UNITY of True Americans.

                  Something as basic and attainable as the RRTs is how it is done. Building a chain one link at a time. It's the little things, done consistently, that succeed. Even a Border Wall is built one brick at a time, and that is why the completed project is strong enough to do the job.

                    Please bear in mind that from time to time, I will be posting pieces that deal with my local, Town Government, but I will say so in the titles so readers can choose to skip them if they wish.  I will be posting the Five Main Steps for the Rapid Response Teams next, on a page of their own for easy access. Then we will get to work building our relationships and developing the unity our success will require. The Advisory Panel is always available to any group or individual who has a question, suggestion, or action that calls for more numbers. MY job is not to be an Organizer or "Leader", just the Communicator.

                   Always remember, there are NO bosses in this project. Each county is an individual group and every member is equal. It will be up to YOU to work together in a respectful and mature manner. We all share the same goals and the same country, a country that needs her Patriots desperately. How you feel about Trump is immaterial. Love him or hate him, no president can do this alone, and in Truth, it is OUR job to see that WE get it done. 

                   Our Creator and our Founders gave us everything we need to protect our Rights and Freedoms, and we should all know HOW, and be ready and willing to do all that we are capable of to accomplish it. The Constitution is your guide.  So sign-on and let's go!