What's Happening THIS Week ?                                            8-13-2017

                  If you haven't been by the Firehouse, you don't know that Trooper and Home-Town boy, Louis (Lee) Godfroy has graduated K9 School and is now an official, NY State Police, K9 Handler. Congratulations to this awesome young man!   Sadly, he will not be stationed at the New Lebanon barracks anymore, but he will still LIVE here, for now, so we are still lucky. Also, I happened to see Trooper Jesse Brown at Stewarts tonight, looking terrific in his NYSP Uniform.  Troopers like Louie and Jesse are what small communities like ours, NEED. Local residents who know the town and the people. Amen?   May God keep them both safe and sound.

                 I visited with a local man today that I had never met before. He lives less than a mile from me, has always been a resident of this town, and is 90 years old!  His parents lived in the very same house that he now does, for all of THEIR adult lives. How, in a town this small, do we not know our neighbors?  This man was a joy to chat with and I could  have stayed a lot longer than I did. Here he is, right in our midst, living all alone, no wife or kids, no siblings, and a ton of tales to tell. These are the treasures we fail to appreciate. 

               Hopefully, I will be seeing him a bit more often as I work to get him some needed Senior Services. How many others are there like him in our town?  Shouldn't we KNOW? Shouldn't our churches KNOW?  If you are aware of an elderly or handicapped person in your neighborhood, take the time to stop and say hello, check in on them and assess any needs you notice. Then let us know. You can call the Town Hall and they will get the info to me or Judy. Be a friend to someone who is alone, because not only should NOBODY be alone in the world, but the joy and wisdom you will gain from these folks is better than all the riches in the world.

                Our flag project is awaiting the matching funds from the town so we can place the order. I'm hoping that we will be able to get the utility companies to schedule the flag hangings in time for Labor Day, but we will be cutting it close. Keep your fingers crossed!!  Already, Stone Soup is planning a few new programs for 2018, New Lebanon's Bicentennial Year. We hope that we can motivate a lot of residents to volunteer for at least one of these programs. 

               One of the things we are looking at is more flower gardens and boxes in town.  There are some bridges that are not in areas safe enough to hang boxes, but there are a lot of them that ARE in safe spots. If you have a bridge in mind that you would like to see flower boxes on, please contact us here:  PactJJ@gmail.com. We will also need a few caretakers to weed, water, dead-head, and donate some plantings. There's not much to it, believe me, but the payoff is awesome!  One location I am set on seeing flowers, is the triangle in front of the former Hess Station. The box will have to be low, as the line of sight can't be impeded there, but imagine the difference it will make in the entrance to our town from the East? 

              Another idea in the works is an all-volunteer, Fix-It Crew. There are Seniors who need yard work done, small painting jobs, leaky windows, doors, or broken steps repaired, or need a ramp for easy access to their homes, etc. One thing we have a glut of in New Lebanon, is handymen. Carpenters and Contractors abound in this town, and don't forget the students in shop classes.  We have many businesses both in and outside of New Lebanon that love to donate supplies, and more than enough restaurants that will donate lunch and drinks to workers. It's called, COMMUNITY. Once upon a time not all that long ago, that was how communities took care of their own. We didn't depend upon or wait on government to do things for us, we did it ourselves.  We still CAN!

             Projects like these are how we get to know one another and become stronger as neighbors, it is how we UNITE. Government divides, PEOPLE come together. So let this be official notice to all Contractors, Carpenters, Handymen (and women), and shop students. We NEED you! 

             Take a minute to notice the work being done by Deb Gordon and Mike Hursa at the old Stultz Store at Rt. 20 and West Street. Just a few plantings have made a tremendous difference, and I see and appreciate it every day. See, we don't need tourism, we don't need environmental regulations, and we don't need government grants. We don't need Fast-Food stores or National Chains. All we need is WARMTH. If we can show unity and love of community , the rest will come. Independent businesses will WANT to be here. Young families will WANT to be here. 

             We have made some great strides with the Music in the Park Program, the improved park and playground, entertainment at the Library, the Farmer's Market, etc., but we still need to show a warmer face to the world.  New Lebanon needs to see cooperative efforts between the schools and churches, to hell with the inaccurate "Separation of Church and State" interpretation, let's just come together and be doers of GOOD. Volunteer, attend town meetings, get involved in your child's school and curriculum, join a church, or the Fire Department, anything that fits your personal gifts and schedule. EVERYONE can do SOMETHING. 

           Sleep Well, New Lebanon!


A Benefit for The Cemetery of the Evergreens


The 6th Annual night of Music and Fun with Refreshments to follow.   Wednesday, August 23, 2017 at 7pm at the Theater Barn.  Tickets are only $25.00 with all proceeds going to the Cemetery.  There are only 150 tickets and they can be bought in advance from any of the trustees.  Trustees: Doug Banker, Larry Benson, Ed Godfroy, John Koepp, Bev Larabee, Ruth Mary Lasher, Abe Phelps, Bud Sharp, and Joy Sherman.


The Town of New Lebanon presents the 3rd Music in the Park Concert


The June and July “Music in the Park” concerts in the Shatford Park pavilion are behind us and were successful.  It is not too late to experience this wonderful community program.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS for the next free concert on Sunday, August 20, 2017 from 1:30 to 4:30 PM.


Performers will be:

                                                The Echoes of New Lebanon                                      1:30 PM
Housatonic Philharmonic                                              2:30 PM
Phil N the Void                                                                  3:30 PM


Food and Beverages will be sold by M&M’s Tap and Tavern.


For additional information, including band descriptions, Facebook users should like and follow our page at https://www.facebook.com/NewLebMusic/.


There is still time to sign up to sponsor a concert or a band.  For details, contact New Lebanon Town Clerk Tistrya Houghtling at 518-794-8888 or email townclerk@townofnewlebanon.com.


Any community person or organization wishing to place a table or kiosk giving information about their enterprise is welcome.  No merchandise may be sold and no politics, please.  Contact Doug Banker to secure a spot.


Source: Doug Banker

518-794-9764 or charlesbanker@fairpoint.net.