Where ARE we ?                                                 5-7-2020

                             Local CRAP first;

                           I don't know about anyone else in New Lebanon, but I am absolutely astounded by the IGNORANCE and APATHY of my fellow residents.  Isn't it funny how the media and celebrities can spew nonsense and bullshit all day long, and the people believe every word? Yet someone who has done investigative work for 35 years, is Government Bonded, and has stayed loyal and determined for decades, can put Rock-Solid Proof right under their noses, will NOT be trusted or believed, and will be labeled the Liar. 

                            That is how POWERFUL indoctrination IS. It isn't just the media and public school brain-bending that is to blame of course, it's also the failure of parents to share truthful history, to teach the value of Freedom and the sacrifice of millions , and to demand that their children be responsible and curious human beings. It is the result of entitlement, apathy, and self-absorbing ignorance. 

                            I am too tired and too frustrated with my neighbors, friends, and Fellow Americans to even bother going too far into the FACTS that so many of you ignore or deny. Starting with this ONE little town that we live in, and the many others just like it.  A tremendous number of you do not VOTE in local elections, or even show the slightest interest in who is running your town or HOW they are running it. You are so wrapped-up in yourselves, that you don't even realize how much your lives can and WILL be affected by the officials who fill the seats in town government. 

                            For FOUR years, we warned you, pleaded with you, did endless research, and provided indisputable FACTS about Mike Benson. He was a nightmare as a Supervisor, but it took you FOUR YEARS to see it! Had you believed the facts that we literally HANDED to you, all that suffering and stress could have been avoided, and we would have enjoyed leadership by true locals who were sincere in their concern for this town and it's residents. Instead, you either DIDN'T vote, or you voted the Party Line. Benson was NO Republican, he and his family have always been Democrats, and we TOLD you that. Still, you bought his campaign LIES, and missed the Red Flags we alerted you to. How did THAT work out for ya?

                          When Tistrya Houghtling announced her candidacy for Town Supervisor, after losing the Assembly seat to Jake Ashby, thank God, we started doing what we always DO. We researched, we watched, we put ourselves out on a limb, and we were willing to make even more enemies in exchange for getting the truth out to the people. It was almost a carbon copy of the Benson campaign, except that THIS time, it was the DEMOCRAT candidate that was dirty. As usual. 

                          It was just as much a surprise to US as to a lot of YOU, that Tistrya was nothing that she wanted us to believe she was.  She presented herself as the quintessential Earth Mother, sending her babies to Hippie School on the Hill, feeding them bean sprouts, dancing in Drum Circles, and embracing the Earth as her Mother. The Hemp shoes, long skirts, no makeup, wholesome young mom, with the compassionate heart and purest of intentions. LOLOL!!  

                           It didn't hurt her that she also grew up in New Lebanon, separate and apart up on Hippie Hill, but still New Lebanon. So she had the instant support of her old school mates and their families, even if she had hung kittens from clotheslines. She had ALL the Sufis, all of her age group that were educated with Liberal curriculum and have NO idea what the Constitution says, and she had ALL the City Liberal transplants that are hell-bent on turning this town into their private playground. 

                        In all Truth, Tistrya was not at all the person she wanted you to think she was and is.    She is a Brutal BULLY and Control Freak, but she won't let YOU see that. I HAVE!  She has been caught red-handed in more lies than I can continue to keep track of.    They multiply by the week. Have we told you this and proven it? Yup.  She violated Election Law and was complicit in Felony Mail Theft during her campaign. Have we told you about this? Yup. We even have a confession from one of the players in that Felony , but Covid19 is delaying Justice. 

                        Have residents complained about the Town Board Meetings being held by phone, and have they agreed that no business other than bill-paying be conducted until meetings can be open again? Yup. Did Tistrya respect these residents and their requests or complaints? No.  Did she maliciously remove Kevin Smith as Emergency Management Rep, and use the excuse that he "Wouldn't work with her", even though it was the other way around? Yes. Did we tell you about it? Yes. Can we PROVE it? Yes.

                       Are Democrats holding Secret Meetings and forming private committees? Yes. Did Tistrya poll the Council members to see if they would support her in re-titling herself as "Town Executive Officer" ? Yes. Can we prove it? Yes. (She wanted the POWER to make Executive decisions, without the board!) Did Tistrya STACK the Ethics Board with lawyers from the city, one of which was a PART-TIME resident when appointed? YES! Can we prove it? YES!  

                     There is SO much MORE, but some are still being investigated and cannot yet be released, but when it IS, every resident who is NOT a mind-bent Liberal , should be angry enough for an immediate removal of every official involved in the cover-up, and a lawsuit that will target their PERSONAL pockets! I truly could go on and on, but I want to address the NEWEST bullshit!  

                        If you are not aware of Tistrya's betrayal of Howard Commander and the Speedway, you damn well SHOULD be! Those of you who read her self- aggrandizing post today about being one of the 3 Town Supervisors to be appointed to the committee entrusted with the re-opening of the county businesses and economy, should be emailing the County Board of Supervisors immediately. This turncoat wanna-be, has REFUSED to support the partial opening of the Speedway to allow for drivers and their mechanics to Test and Tune before racing officially opens.

                        WHY is this important? Well for ONE, Tand T allows drivers to get familiar with their cars and uncover any Safety Issues that might exist before spectators are present. This entails a couple of drivers and mechanics at a time to test run the cars. No spectator crowds, and mask wearing and/or Social Distancing would be observed. That's ALL ! Senator Daphne Jordan and Assemblyman Jake Ashby are hard at work to assist Howard in getting this done. 

                       It is a fact that a Town Supervisor has no authority to prevent or allow this, but they DO, in New Lebanon's case, have a DUTY to their oldest and largest business, and biggest taxpayer, to Publicly Support this vital exercise, with a statement in the media. Without the Speedway, only the wealthy , city transplants could afford to live here, and the local businesses that make their best money during racing season, could not survive the winters. Hundreds of kids would have no summer jobs. Thousands of families would have to TRY to find another wholesome, family pastime. ETC.

                      So TELL ME, how does a Supervisor who refuses to support this business, become a member of a County Committee to re-open our local economy ?!?!?!? Are we playing tit for tat between someone at County and your Supervisor?   I gotta say, that I have NEVER had any desire to be a political official of any kind, but if I were Supervisor, our businesses would be up and running, unless THEY chose not to. Masks and Hand Sanitizer? Yes. Shutdowns?  NEVER! 

                      You Robots who are all over Tistrya's Facebook page, congratulating her on this thing or that thing, are blind, dumb, indoctrinated Sheep. She is having a good laugh on YOU, and so are her vile supporters that helped her cheat her way to her position. She is merely a TOOL of the City Liberals who have an agenda to remove every non-Liberal Democrat from local government and take total control of every one of you. This Climate Smart Communities project is just one, small step toward that goal. Open your EYES, New Lebanon, and look at what is happening in your town, your state, and your COUNTRY! Do you really believe that all these things are coincidental? Do you REALLY think we are making this stuff up? If we're THAT creative, we should be successful writers of Fantasy Fiction! 

        Tomorrow evening, my son, my daughter-in-law, and I will be attending a wake in Hudson. My son's longest and closest friend of 28 years, passed away yesterday at the age of 39. He was Family. No, it wasn't Covid19, that we will discuss in the next day or two, it was Liver Failure. This young, gentle, talented boy, drank himself to death. My son is destroyed. He tried SO hard, for SO long, to help. 

        This young man's dad raised him, and he too, is a cherished friend of ours, and I know he will be inconsolable. He did everything a parent possibly could to save his son. Yet tomorrow, we will mourn together in the same room, but under strict orders to wear a mask AND Socially Distance!  How do we NOT touch one another, hug one another, and console one another?  Where will we draw our strength if not from one another? Will his young daughter understand why no one can hold her? 

          There has to be a better way.

   Rest in Peace, Sweet Boy.