Where Does the TRUTH Lie?                                   2-20-2018

               We expect the Left to immediately start blaming guns after every real or contrived shooting. It's just what they DO. 

                Since evidence and circumstances are immaterial to Liberals, every death by bullet is merely another opportunity for them to demonize firearms and those who own them. Let's face it, total disarmament is necessary to create a Socialist Society and that is what they want, for starters anyway.

                 It's difficult for me and others on the Right, to understand the failure, whether ignorant or deliberate, of Liberals to look at history and take lessons from it. It is FACT, that every country that disarms it's citizens, falls victim to unimaginable horrors. We have seen the loss of gun rights create societies with no defense against criminal elements, foreign invaders, and governments with evil intent. We have seen the mass enslavement of entire populations and the nightmare of Genocide.

                 In Britain, we are now watching as a once beautiful, peaceful country and leading tourist destination, morphs into a dangerous, chaotic, and weakened nation. Much like Sweden, Great Britain is seeing mass, Muslim infiltration that has resulted in an exorbitant number of rapes, murders, and the growth of sleazy shack and tent cities that are destroying the gorgeous, historical towns and rural areas. The economy is being drained and the culture, decimated.  This is but the beginning of the atrocities to come for Europe and the Netherlands as a result of unchecked immigration and Liberal governments. 

                 Japanese Admiral Yamamoto stated; " You could never invade the American mainland. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass ". That ONE sentence tells us everything we need to know about the importance of the 2nd Amendment. The guaranteed RIGHT of the American people to Keep and BEAR Arms is the SOLE reason that this country has remained safe from foreign invasion and a Communist government. That one amendment is the very reason that we are still able to exercise the REST of our Constitutional Rights and remain a relatively free country. 

                 Every single day, an American with a legal firearm saves a life, protects his family, his home and business, and often, strangers as well. You will never hear these stories from mainstream media, but that has never been an indicator of the facts now, has it?  The TRUTH is out there if you bother to look. America is still America ONLY because the people who choose to, are still able to obtain firearms for the purpose of defense. In this country we ARE subjected to hundreds if not thousands of regulations and requirements before we can exercise our right to Keep and Bear. Contrary to the claims of the Left, it is not at ALL easy to purchase a gun, and if you wish to CARRY a handgun, there are endless hoops that must be jumped through, many weeks of wait time and red tape to suffer before you are granted a permit that is in and of itself, unconstitutional.

                  We endure the permit requirements, the extensive background checks, the long waits for Judicial approval and signatures, etc., because we KNOW that these are necessary evils, Common Sense steps to attempt to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals and loonies as much as possible. Sadly, it is the criminals and loonies who are able to obtain firearms most easily. These are not people who obey anything, and certainly not gun laws. Judges have failed to enforce existing gun laws and impose the harshest punishments upon those who commit crimes with guns. So how in the HELL will MORE gun laws solve this issue? They won't, and the gun-grabbers know they won't. That isn't the reason they WANT more gun laws. What they WANT, is to make it all but impossible for law-abiding citizens to have defense weapons. Who then, could challenge THEM?

                    It is the law abiding, LEGAL gun owners who met the requirements and suffered through the process, who are punished for the crimes of those who obtain firearms illegally and USE them illegally. The very people who are the least likely to ever use their guns offensively, who would protect YOU and YOUR family if needed, have become the "Bad Guys". We, who are the defenders behind every blade of grass, are the losers in this battle for our guaranteed RIGHTS to self defense.

                     Now we have the anti-gun Liberals shamelessly using high-school students to further their disarmament agenda. Kids, who have never been taught about the consequences of a disarmed populace or for that matter, what the Bill of Rights gives to each and every one of us and why those rights are so vital. These kids are CLUELESS pawns, misled, indoctrinated, and ignorant. 

                      We know with all certainty that NO ONE died at the Sandy Hook School in Newtown,Connecticut. There is ZERO evidence to support any truth of the crap that was handed to the public concerning that event.  There ARE however, mountains of evidence to DISprove it. That False Flag was a poorly-executed attempt to play to the emotions of the people and this new society of "Snowflakes", and incite a massive movement for disarmament. It failed, miserably. 

                       There is also STRONG evidence of government involvement in the Orlando Nightclub shooting, the Berkeley Shooting, and NOW, the Parkland, Florida shooting. Did people die in Las Vegas and Parkland? In Vegas, yes, but in Parkland, the real number of victims is closer to two than it is to seventeen, and neither were students. So if these were planned False Flags, why did ANYONE die? 

                        I actually find it surprising that no one was sacrificed at Sandy Hook to lend some reality to the scenario, but they have learned their lesson from that. What must be understood, is that those who are evil enough to plan and implement these sideshows, are certainly evil enough to consider human lives expendable if it furthers their agenda. A "little" blood lends credence to their lies.

                        As the Parkland story has unfolded, those of us with experience in False Flags have approached it with open minds. These are not events that anyone can instantly judge as real or contrived, there are many, many factors to consider and investigate. (Someone tell that to the Liberals who immediately scream for gun control!) 

                         In most cases, there are indicators that jump out at you right from the get-go, but not always. Sometimes, it requires many hours of running and re-running footage. It necessitates experience in detecting voice stressors, body language, and signs of deception. Statements given by witnesses must be compared for consistency, and emotions measured. That's just the EASY stuff! 

                          It is my opinion and that of my contacts and former co-workers, that the Parkland shooting was indeed a planned event with collateral damage. There are some things I cannot yet say, but I will give you what I can, for NOW. 

 1) Present: Anger, Outrage, and Demands.
     Absent: Sorrow, Trauma, and Hysteria.

 2) Present: Immediate protests and Mis-placed Blame.
     Absent:  Quiet time to mourn and deal with losses.

 3) Present: BAD actors used repetitively and Stammering over lines.
     Absent: Parent and Student SHOCK.

  4) Present: Group photos of main "actors" smiling for the cameras. 
      Absent: Comments from teachers and First Responders.

  5) Present: Leading interviews by media, putting words into witnesses mouths.
       Absent: Witnesses with strong, flowing, consistent accounts of events.

  6) Present: Conflicting versions of events
      Absent: Truth re: Shooter's location, number of shooters. 

  7) Present: Yellow Crime Scene Tape and ONE MRAP.
      Absent: Emergency Response from EMTs, Fire Departments, and numerous Law Enforcement Agencies.

                            ETC., ETC. !

                      One "Alleged Student" claimed during interview that she was walking down the school hallway WITH an unarmed Nicholas Cruz, WHILE hearing gunfire outside. Another student claimed that the school had issued flyers to the students days earlier, announcing an upcoming, "Live Shooter Drill".  Sound familiar?  This could very well explain the lack of trauma and hysteria and the calm, orderly evacuation of the school.

                        I am going to attempt to post a clip from a video recorded by a student who was inside the building DURING the siege. Notice his demeanor and lack of fear or excitement, it speaks volumes. This same kid later forgets his lines during an interview, and he is also the same kid who made a public service video demanding gun rights, mere HOURS after the alleged shooting. Again, he was emotionless and hammy, but this time, a tele-prompter assured that he got his lines right. He appears yet again in the group photo of the "actors".

                         Here is the most interesting thing about this over-used young man; his Daddy is FBI. Yup, you heard me right! Surprised? You shouldn't be. Both the Colorado Movie Theater Shooter James Holmes, and the so-called Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza, had fathers scheduled to testify in the Libor scandal.  Going back to the Columbine High School shooting, both shooters had parents who worked inside the CIA.

                          So now we have thousands of misinformed and indoctrinated babies, boarding buses to Washington,DC to meet with Trump and demand that all semi-auto rifles be banned. Wonder who is footing the bill for the trip? Wanna know how many of these "kids" are actual high school students? I suggest you do some homework. 

                           Once again, Left-Wing Gun-Grabbers are using children and actors to further their anti-freedom agenda. Who better to pull at the heartstrings of the American people than children? It's all bullshit, folks. YOU are being bamboozled, AGAIN.
                             Here is something else to consider. Do you believe that False Flag Ops could be planned and executed without the knowledge and complicity of the POTUS? Not a chance. Obama was PRESENT at Sandy Hook HOURS before the news broke. He was a front-row observer to his own production. Trump is no less guilty. 

                              Never before has it been more crucial for the Right to take a stand, commit to Civil Disobedience in huge numbers, stand up and fight BACK in unity in the battle for our rights and the futures of our families. 

                               Soros and Bloomberg have and will continue to drop MILLIONS of dollars to achieve their goal of disarmament. What are YOU willing to spend, to DO? THIS is the turning point and we are standing on the precipice. 

                      Begin by demanding that the maligned FBI do their actual JOB and send agents with warrants to Sandy Hook and Parkland. Send two agents to each Coroner's Office, Cemetery and Funeral Home, Crime Scene Cleaning company, Law Enforcement Agency, and Ambulance Company, SIMULTANEOUSLY. Seize all existing crime scene photos, responders reports, death and burial records, coroner's records and photos, etc. Let's settle it once and for all. We DESERVE truth and it is time to demand it and hold the criminals behind the lies, accountable. 

                    Let Trump know that we expect him to honor his campaign promise to protect the 2nd Amendment and all of the Constitution and implement reciprocity and Common Sense permit processes. The time has come to shut up and ACT.

                     The ONLY thing that has kept America free and protected from Socialism, is private gun ownership and concealed carry. Without that ONE obstacle to tyranny, we would be living under a Communist regime today. Fight BACK. 

     Here is a copy of the video I told you about. It was the clearest copy I could find for you, but listen carefully and LOOK at the demeanor of these kids who allegedly just experienced a mass shooting of their peers and teachers.