You Don't Know ANYONE !                                     7-24-2020

                            You THINK you do, but you DON'T. That's why divorce is so prevalent. That person you fell in love with, married, maybe had kids with, eventually exposed their true self, and that person is not anything like the one you THOUGHT you were marrying. This is common among "Best" Friends as well. 

                             Humans are very good at pretending to be someone or something they are not. Some are better at it than others, but in the end, someone always gets hurt. I don't think there is an adult alive that has not experienced that pain at some point in their lives, or if they haven't yet, they WILL. Those who have experienced it too many times to count, generally grow a thick skin eventually and stop trusting, stop baring their hearts to others who will more than likely crush it. Again.

                              One bit of advice we all should take and share, is to NEVER, EVER trust government officials of any party. Politics are a magnet for the corrupt, the self-serving, the faithless, and those greedy for wealth and power. There are some who enter politics with good intentions, a desire to "Make things better", but that never lasts for long. Temptation, Peer Pressure, and sometimes FEAR, reveals their evil side in short order. Those who are truly of good character, get out. 

                                Personally, I VERY RARELY place ANY trust in anyone other than my little family. Few of us have any blood relation to one another, we are pretty much a bunch of wanderers who found where we fit. In many cases, blood relations are the LAST people you can trust! If you have an unrelated friend or two that you are comfortable sharing your real self with, you are blessed, but no matter what, keep your powder dry.

                                There are people in New Lebanon that I once trusted and thought highly of, but over the years, one by one, they have all turned out to be someone I never really knew at all. In fact, today, I learned that an entire local FAMILY that I considered to be top-notch people, are nothing but a huge disappointment. 35 YEARS of friendship with them, and respect FOR them, and BAM!  Practicing Catholics, good kids, and I thought, grateful Patriots. WRONG! 

                              I don't know how many of you received a flyer in your email today, a despicable notification of Black Lives Matter rallies in our town every 4th Sunday, from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m, starting THIS very weekend. This is to be ongoing for who knows HOW long.  Once wasn't enough I guess. The FACT that your Town Supervisor Tistrya Houghtling, Councilman John Trainor, and Court Clerk Cynthia  Creech, (yes, the one with the dead cows rotting in her barn), all stood out on the road in support of BLM last month, should have been enough cause for their removal. 

                             Yes, they are free to peacefully protest and to have their own views, but as Town Officials, they are required to at least PRETEND to serve ALL residents, not just the Democrats and Liberals that share those views. Supporting ONE side is unacceptable!! Officials who support a Domestic Terrorist group like BLM, have NO place holding any political office, at any level.  They are literally choosing a group of people who are violent, destructive, racist, anti-American, and lawless, over the law-abiding citizens who are simply trying to live their lives in peace. They have chosen these arsonists, monument destroying, cop-beating, anarchists, over our Police Officers, over Christians and practicing Jews, over the Constitution, our History, our Asian citizens, etc. WHY are WE allowing them to continue to hold office?!?!

                            Now, in our own town, they are going to pursue their support of thugs over the safety of their constituents. EVERY 4th SUNDAY!  The ridiculous part of this, is that they THINK they are supporting Black Americans. They don't even KNOW that BLM has NOTHING to do with Racism, or George Floyd, and everything to do with mere destruction and chaos. It's another distraction, funded by Democrats. They want you to be otherwise occupied while they deliberately with-hold coins from banks and businesses to prepare us for a cashless society, continue to fake the numbers of Covid cases and hide the PROVEN, affordable and effective treatments, and allow tyrannical Governors to retain their Emergency Pandemic Power that allows them to take Executive Actions to implement Communistic rules and mandates.

                         How easy it has been to turn the American People into submissive servants! Andrew Cuomo is literally INSANE. So enthralled with his Emergency Powers, that he is spanking Free Adults for not ordering a full meal when they buy a drink at a bar!! How DARE they disobey King Andrew!! Well, King Andrew has lied to us every day for MONTHS about this illness, he has systematically murdered over 6000 Senior Citizens, destroyed countless businesses and families, caused numerous suicides and psychiatric emergencies, tried to extort the Federal Government to pay down his debt, cost taxpayers MILLIONS for medical equipment we never needed and temporary hospitals we never used. Today, he accused Trump of being unconstitutional for his deployment of DHS officers to Democrat cities who can't control their own rioters, (BLM, by the way), and won't allow their own police officers to do their jobs and enforce the LAW ! Cuomo has violated the Constitution hundreds of times, far more than Obama!  NO ONE ALIVE has the RIGHT to violate the Constitution and get away with it! 

                        Yet, no one is calling them to task. NO ONE is filing legal charges against Cuomo for his prolific corruption and Abuse of Power. So exactly WHO do you think has to DO it?  WE DO.  

                many of YOU in New Lebanon, have had ENOUGH?! If you see the unacceptable actions and views of your Town Government as serious offenses, then show UP every 4th Sunday at 2:30 and line the highway across from the BLM supporters! It's ONE HALF HOUR a month out of your busy lives, to have YOUR say and voice YOUR views! Bring your signs in support of the Police, and in "ALL Lives Matter!", and peacefully oppose the supporters of terrorists. Bring your flags, wear your Conservative tee shirts, and give your country 30 minutes. 

                        PLEASE share this Call to Action to your Conservative circle and bring people WITH you, because THEY  will ! Sunday, 7-26-2020. Across from the former Triple Nickel. Park legally, leave no traces, and don't impede traffic. I will be there, alone if I must, but it would sure be nice to see some support for Law and Order and love of country. 

       Here is the Sponsor of this despicable group. Also notice the email address.

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